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If you have been a reader of mine, you will immediately notice that I sent a newsletter out a few weeks ago under the same title. Let me explain. I had just drafted this email prior to sending out the last one and somehow, I had this title in my head. So the last email was mistakenly titled.

However, I still felt that it was the most appropriate title for this post – so I have added the word original to this title. It shows we are all human! So to today’s post.

We all have them in our lives. People who constantly seem to have a problem and who depend on us for a solution. No sooner have we resolved one problem, another appears. They could be work colleagues, family members or even close friends. Sometimes, they are people that we simply cannot walk away from.

Just as we take a break from the last problem we have resolved, another appears. Sometimes as Christians, we are mistaken that it is our Christian duty to help. Often we are moved because we see a need and we feel somehow that we need to meet that need. I have been in the position of constant problem-solver and I can tell from experience that it is draining and can rob us of joy.

We rationalise that there must have seen something about God that they see in is, that’s why they require our help but I have just realised something most liberating from the scriptures.

I learnt from the scriptures that Jesus did not solve every problem He came across. During the time of Jesus, there were problems in Palestine but Jesus was not committed to resolving the political situation or even the liberation of the Jewish nation from the Roman yoke. The Jews had been yearning for a leader who could stand up to the Roman authorities and nobody could argue that Jesus was the most ideal candidate. Can you imagine him arguing all day with the Pharisees – trying to sort out the problems that they had.

Away from the political scene, even in his day-to-day encounter with people, we note that there were lepers that were not healed and sick people who died. Jesus spoke about this in Luke 4:25-27 and Mark 6:5. So who did Jesus know who to minister to?

Jesus only did what His Father told Him and only did what He saw the Father do. Jesus’ priority was to do the will of God (John 5:19-20).

It’s not about being insensitive but wise, Why carry a burden you are not qualified for?. We can overwhelm ourselves if we take on things out of an emotional response. Martha, Mary and a lot of Jews expected Jesus to stop what he was doing and come and heal Lazarus before he died, but Jesus was walking according to heaven’s timetable. This is supernatural living and demonstrates how we are expected to live.

Though Jesus did not meet every need, He met all the needs He was ordained to me and that’s the lesson for us. Jesus exercised tremendous discernment to know and courage to go where God was directing.

I pray that the Lord gives us discernment and wisdom, not just to know which problems to solve (though the emphasis in this article is on people who constantly have a problem and sometimes a grudge with life) but also how to  help people, by operating from a heavenly perspective. This is the supernatural living that has been ordained for us.

I trust you have found this week’s post useful, so until I appear again in your inbox, stay blessed





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