What I learnt from the Olympics

As many of you know, we have just finished hosting the 2012 Olympics here in the UK. Like many people, I have been following my favourite and perhaps not so favourite, but new and enjoyable sports.

The games lends itself to may principles that could be ap0plied to both business and careers. Many of them have been reported in various media .- themes such as perseverance, hard work, team and partnership building etc etc. I would like to share with you some of the things that inspired me. I would like to call it ‘my special Olympics lessons’. So here’s my first observation.

When a lot of the athletes were interviewed (and this was particularly repeated by a lot of the track and field events), there was in many cases a reference to the coach. In fact, during some of the field events, the cameras were on both the coach and the athletes. In between the qualifying round, there was the word with the coach or a look in their direction.

I remember listening to Usain Bolt’s interview after his first gold model in the men’s 100m. When asked how he was able to do it, he said he basically went out there and did what hid coach asked him to do. When they (Jamaica) won the first, second and third position of the 100m, again they put it down to the execution of their coach’s advice. I remember Usain saying that he wondered how his coach was feeling at that moment.

What’s interesting is that these comments were made by very talented players. Though the athletes had the talent, they still listened to instructions and executed the coach’s instructions. Talent is not enough without good coaching.

Coaching is so important that some people will go to great lengths to find one. It is reported that Mo Farah, who won the 5000 and 10,000m  gold medal went to the States in January to join a new coach.

I am a great believer in the phrase that that no man is an Island, but beyond that, there is the need to be humble and submit yourselves to the expertise and wisdom of people who know what they are doing. You cannot succeed in any area of life without a coach.

No wonder the bible says in Ephesians 4:11 that He gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be teachers, some to be pastors and some to be evangelists till we all grow up in Him and reach maturity in Him – which is essentially life-ling coaches.

This challenged me because, like many people; I don’t have a coach for some important areas of my life. I intend to do something about that. We need to ask ourselves the question, what areas of our lives do we need a coach for and how do we go getting one?

If you have any suggestions on getting a coach, why not share it through whichever medium you are reading this from, so we can all benefit.

Dare I say any more?

So until I appear again in your inbox soon, with some of my ‘Olympics moments’, stay blessed




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About the Author: Ola Aroyehun

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