What I learnt from the Olympics (2)

Are you a spectacular winner?


I have started to share some of the principles and lessons I learnt from the recently-completed London 2012 Olympics. If you missed the first the first lesson, you can read it on our website at

So here is the second lesson – people will make more time for you when you are a spectacular  winner.

As stated in the first lesson, I spent quite a bit of time watching the track and field events. Since there are lots of scheduled events to get through each day with  lots of qualifying rounds and heats before you get to the final event, therefore, timing is of the essence. People and events need to keep to the times allocated.

I was not physically present at any of the track and field events, so this post has been written from a TV viewer’s perspective i.e. as things appeared to me when I was watching TV.

After every event, the winners and the yet-to-be-successful athletes (depending on how you felt you had performed), would have a lap of honour. So in terms of viewing time, we will be shown the athletes running round the pitch. This would last for a few minutes before they were interviewed by the TV stations, not to be seen again until it’s time for their medal presentation.

That was the case for everyone, unless of course you are Usain Bolt. After winning the 100m, I noticed a change from tradition. The TV cameras followed his every move after the win, for a longer period of time; after the race and the lap of honour.

The I noticed something else, just after the lap of honour, it was the medal ceremony for one of the events. We were vaguely told what event they were handling out medals for, as the focus was still on interviewing Usain Bolt, who had now been joined by his team mates, who had won the silver and bronze medals, for an interview. I recollect him actually looking in the direction of the medal ceremony and clapping for the people on the rostrum, before continuing the interview.

The moral of the story – people have time for spectacular winners and really that’s what we are as Christians. God has called us to be spectacular winners so that the world stands still and pays us attention. Let’s endeavour to do what it takes to be spectacular winners, so that we can glorify our Father in heaven, who has sent us on a mission.

So until I appear again in your inbox soon, with some of my ‘Olympics moments’, stay blessed



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