What does this worship song really mean to you?

I was amazed at the various ways that God speaks to us. He spoke to me recently through a friend’s prophecy. The Lord had reminded her of His enthronement over a particular situation she was experiencing and the need to start rejoicing. As I pondered over the words, my mind went back to the popular song Jesus I enthrone you. The word enthroned seemed like a strange word and immediately I wanted to know more.

Now I am very careful with songs, as sometimes they don’t quite reflect scripture and besides, out faith should be in the unchangeable word of God and not a worship song. However, this familiar song conveys the truth that I believe God is trying to teach us here.

‘The words of the song by Done Moen go something like this:

Jesus, we enthrone you, we proclaim you our king

Standing here in the midst of us, we raise you up with our praise

And as we worship, build your throne (x3)

Come Lord Jesus and take your place’

I must have sang this song many times but somehow I had not stopped to consider the application of the enthronement of Jesus in my life. I found myself asking the question: What was/am I really singing? What practically does this mean to me and basically what difference does enthronement make in my life?

So what does it mean to be enthroned? I am reminded of those marble tombstones of those Egyptian tombstones with the Pharaoh seemingly exerting some authority. The image convey two meanings: immovable and exerting authority.

When we invite Christ to be enthroned over our lives and affairs, we are inviting Him to come and sit permanently and never be moved in our lives. We are inviting Him to come and exercise authority. As a result, what happens is that there is a shift over the rulership of our lives.

By enthronement, it means that when the Lord has His place, there is no place for any other. He alone holds that place in our hearts. Therefore, when he is enthroned, everything else goes away. There is no room for two masters.

In my friend’s case, Christ’s enthronement means a shift of rulership over a family. Talk of generational blessing.

In the last post, we mentioned the importance of entering God’s rest. In fact, one of the benefits of Christ’s enthronement is that we will be able to enter the rest of God. When Solomon sat upon the throne of God as King, Israel had rest round about on every side (1Kings 4:24, 25). Note Solomon sat on the throne of the Lord as king.

In addition, the enthronement brings about the enlargement of His kingdom. The enlargement is bringing about the rule and reign of Christ in the marketplace, business or whatever else God has placed you.

Now we know that when we become Christians, that’s what supposed to happen. But having mental consent is different from experiencing it. By continuously inviting Jesus to stay enthroned over different areas of our lives, this reflects an act of faith on our part.

I love the following scripture in 1 Peter 3:15 : ‘ enthrone Christ as Lord in your heart – reigning, ruling, controlling the affections, conquering the will, brining every appetite and passion of the soul and body
under subjection’.

There is a difference between acknowledging Him as king and enthroning. One is a statement of fact, the other is an application.

This is a conscious application. It’s more than a song or scripture knowledge. May the Lord enable us to continue to move from information to revelation and finally to experience of the truth. Have you made a conscious effort to enthrone Him over every area of your life?

Whenever I sing that song again, this time it would be in full realisation and better understanding of what Christ has done. The song will never be the same again.

I hope that this wouldn’t just be a nice post but that you’ll seek God for the experience and revelation that accompanies the word.

So until I appear again in your inbox with more insights from the scripture, why not consciously enthrone Him particularly over those areas where you need His Lordship. Stay Blessed



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