This is my prayer for you this year

Having blogged for quite a while, I have a fairly good idea which types of posts will receive a good response. Sometimes, ‘familiar’ subjects are that- too familiar and tend to have a low response. I trust that this post will be a blessing though it is still a ‘popular’ subject. Success is one of those words that we have heard so much about, that we are almost tempted to switch off when the topic arises.

 ‘and the Lord was with Joseph, and he was successful (Gen 39:3, 39:10-23, Acts 7:9)

Success, I know is subjective but I am referring to biblical success.

There are many keys to biblical success but this verse particularly struck a chord with me. Joseph’s success was because God was with him all the time. This is a truth I think we all know but it bears reminding again. At the time the scripture was written, Joseph was a slave who had served Potiphar faithfully. There was probably no release date in sight. He had no ‘human’ way of getting rich or having a good retirement plan.

What we can learn from the story of Joseph is that in spite of the circumstances, Joseph continued to labour for Potiphar and God’s abiding presence remained with Joseph wherever he went and as a result, he was successful. God’s presence secured favour, prosperity, promotion and deliverance from danger. This presence was with him throughout his life: when he was sold into slavery (Genesis 35:1-5), when he was thrown into prison (Genesis 39:20-23) and when he was Pharaoh’s second in command.

For us to be successful in life, we must secure God’s presence. This is the secret of success.

We must wear a garment of His presence, for every man committed to God would find God committed to him.

The secret of success is God’s presence. There is little we can do successfully without God’s presence in our lives.

We cannot be self-made people, we must be Christ-made people

Many of us believe that God’s presence is with us, but do we experience the benefit that His presence brings? When we say that God’s presence is with us, there must be tangible evidence of that presence. For Joseph, God’s presence brought favour, success and prosperity.

What is the evidence of God’s presence upon your life?

Therefore my prayer for you this year is that the Lord’s presence will be with you wherever you go and in whatever you do and He will make you successful.

Until I appear in your inbox with more encouragement from the scriptures, have a blessed year




About the Author: Ola Aroyehun

Ola Aroyehun editor of The Christian Business and Professional Magazine: a magazine dedicated to helping Christians apply biblical principles to their professional lives.

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