The blessing of Obed-Edom

The blessings of Obed-Edom

In the last post, we examined how God blessed the house of Obed-Edom during the three months that the ark of the Lord was in his house. The scripture is not silent on the type of blessings that Obed-Edom experienced, but first a little bit more history.

When we first hear about Obed-Edom, he is living in a place called Kiron. By the time we read of him again, he is not only in Jerusalem but ministering before the Lord. He must have relocated his entire family to Jerusalem. When we understand the type of blessing he experienced, it is easy to understand why he would have made such a sacrifice.

In 2 Samuel 6:12, we read “Now it was told King David saying, the Lord has blessed Obed-Edom and all that he has because of the ark.”

The bible describes three types of blessings. The first blessing takes place when the ark was initially placed in his house and refers to material blessing, whilst the second and third blessings are recorded after his move to Jerusalem

  • Material blessing – 1 Chronicles 13:14.

The ark of God remained with the family of Obed-Edom in his house for three months, and the Lord blessed his household and everything he had.

The blessing would have included things like cattle and the produce of the land. God gave Obed-Edom the prosperity of the land and the fertility of the land. God still wants to bless us, throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that we will not have room enough for it. This is the word of God. God blesses your household and lets you prosper in all that you do.

  • Gatekeeper – activity in the things of God – 1 Chronicles 16:36-38


The second blessing is a blessing of ministry and the ability to have regular interaction with the house of God where the ark was kept. He is described as a musician, doorkeeper and gatekeeper in the house of God. He was privileged to be always near the ark. King David appointed Obed-Edom as a gatekeeper of the temple responsible for guarding the ark. Guarding the ark of the covenant and the temple was a very important and valued position at that time. Obed-Edom was in charge of the southern gate which was used only by kings. God allowed him a new position of keeping the ark and the temple. God gives honour to those who keep the ark and those who live in accordance with the ark.

  • Blessing of his offspring. 1 Chronicles 26:4-8

 Obed-Edom’s son Shemaiah also had sons, who were leaders in their father’s family because they were very capable men. The sons of Shemaiah: Othni, Rephael, Obed and Elzabad; his relatives Elihu and Semakiah were also able men. All these were descendants of Obed-Edom; they and their sons and their relatives were capable men with the strength to do the work—descendants of Obed-Edom, 62 in all.

Finally, there was generational blessing. As Obed-Edom served God by looking after the ark of the covenant, he received generational blessing. He had eight sons and 62 descendants in all. The Scripture says all of them were able and successful. There were many people who were successful themselves, but whose children were not successful at all. God blessed those who worked around the ark by making their descendants prosperous and successful.

The Psalmist says in Ps 112:1-2, “Praise the Lord. Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who finds great delight in his commands. His children will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.”

If the ark is treated properly, it can be a source of blessing.

Here was a man who hungered intensely after the things of God. Having experienced the blessing of God in Kiron, I imagine it must have whet his appetite for the things of God and he was ready to do whatever it took to be in God’s presence, even if that meant relocating his family.

Do you, like me, desire these types of blessings for your family? If so, stay and pursue the presence of God and you will be amazed at what God will do.

Dare I say any more?

So until I appear again in your inbox with more insight from the scriptures, stay blessed



About the Author: Ola Aroyehun

Ola Aroyehun editor of The Christian Business and Professional Magazine: a magazine dedicated to helping Christians apply biblical principles to their professional lives.

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