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Please don’t fall into this trap

Sometimes I write to encourage you, share a revelation I have received from God, share experiences I am going through and sometimes I share a Thus-saith-the-Lord word’. In other words, please pay attention. Today’s post falls into the latter category. So going straight into the message, most of I you have probably heard words and statements such as:   You can do anything you set your heart on doing With hard work and determination, you […]


‘Look this way and look that way’

I wonder whether I could start with a quiz and ask you where the above verse is located within the scriptures. Well it’s taken  from Exodus 2:12. The scripture states that Moses ‘looked this way and looked that way’, and assuming that nobody could see him, he killed an Egyptian who was having problems with his neighbour. By looking this way and that way, one can only assume that Moses knew that what he was doing was […]

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