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Let the whole world hear!

Recently during Easter, I reminded myself of the resurrection story and I came across a scripture that caused me to stop and ponder. It’s a scripture that I had read many times and had not paid much attention to. In fact, I cannot even consciously think of whether I had ever stopped to think about this scripture. The scripture is found in Luke 23:38. ‘And a superscription also was written over Him in letters of […]


It’s one thing to have faith, it’s another thing to have courage

Many people confuse courage and fear. A lot of us have faith but somehow, our circumstances have not changed. This article perhaps will provide insight into a possible reason. The story of General Barak in the book of Judges serves to illustrate this lesson. General Barak is one of the generals of the army of Israel that Deborah, the judge, had called upon to go and fight their enemies. To appreciate the story, we need […]


Would you have started this big?

This week’s post applies primarily to business people but there is an application for everyone. Whilst researching a successful company’s media kit, I came across a magazine that was launched with a circulation of 200,000. As far as I know, circulation, many years later is between200,000 and 250,000 copies per month. The intention was to start large and stay large. That really got me thinking. In business, most of us have been taught to be […]


Are you living within your means or…..

His means? Most times when I share something with you, it is based on some revelation that I have received and my interpretation of it. This post is however, different in that I am sharing from a book that has blessed me and I trust will bless and challenge you also. The book is titled ‘The supernatural ways of royalty’ by Kris Vallotin. The challenge the author poses is self explanatory in the title for […]

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