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We are always looking for new writers – men and women whom the Lord has gifted and called to write. For the next phase of the magazine, we require articles of international interest on topics showing Christians  how to apply the Christian faith to their business and professional lives. We want articles solidly based on scripture as we aim to have a constant stream of interesting material.

We require articles of international interest on topics showing Christians how to apply the Christian faith to their work-life and the marketplace.

Writers will be shortlisted to an approved list.

Who are our readers?

The Christian Business and Professional Magazine is targeted at Christians who either own their own business, work in a business or professionals ; basically Christians in the workplace or marketplace.

What to write: topics

The Christian Business and Professional Magazine accepts both fiction and non-fiction, full-length articles (between 1500 and 1800 words) on a variety of topics. The topics would be advertised mainly through our newsletter, so you are advised to sign up for the newsletter, to be kept abreast of future needs.

Before you write – our style

We would periodically inform you of the topics that we need writers for. Once you have decided on the topic that you want to write about the topic should be illustrated for the reader by way of lively dialogue and/or quotes to make the story stand out. It might also be useful to write in a conversational style. Our intention is to produce articles that are enjoyable, commanding and fluent in style. We are looking in particular for interesting, creative working.

Keep stories and articles exciting, fascinating and entertaining, including humour. A mixture of expository, descriptive and narrative writing are used in our articles. Make sure you give credit to others when you use their material.



Please include a photograph, usually a headshot, to accompany your story or article.  If your article is accepted and you have photos that may be used to accompany your submission, please attach them as jpeg files. Appropriate credit lines and captions should also accompany the photos.

You may also submit high-resolution digital images via e-mail.

Articles submitted with appropriate pictures, or for which pictures are available, receive highest priority. An article’s quality and readability are greatly enhanced by photographs of readers mentioned in the article and/or the article topic(s)., when this is appropriate for the subject matter


 Reprints and rights

The Christian Business and Professional Magazine accepts reprints. Please indicate if your article has appeared in another periodical or magazine, and if you have accompanying photographs to illustrate the article.

Professional writers who have previously been published in other magazines or newspapers may send an enquiry with 1-2 relevant published writing samples to editor@christianbusinessmagazine.com. Queries sent by post will not be considered.

The Christian Business and Professional Magazine purchases first rights for original articles and reserve the right to edit all work for length and content. Editing is done with a conscious effort to retain the author’s style and intent.

The author gives ‘The Christian Business and Professional Magazine’ the right to republish the article in any form and allow others to republish the article in any form. The author also retains the right to republish or allow others to republish the article.



You should initially send a brief query letter describing your idea and topic you want to be considered for, and how you plan to develop it. In some cases, we may give additional guidelines and suggestions as you write the full article.

If the outline of your story is accepted, please include your full name, address, telephone number and email on each page of your submission, what publishing rights are offered and a one or two-line bio to be included at the end of your article. Also indicate the approximate number of words

For reprints, you must include the name, address, and editor of the original publication source, the copyright line from the original source, and the page number and date of the original publication. Please indicate the type of rights you own, as well.

Submit stories or article (text) online to editor@christianbusinessmagazine.com

If quoting from a book, please include with the article a photocopy of the actual page(s) of quotations plus a photocopy of the title and copyright page for that book.

Typed manuscripts should be double-spaced.


Payment is made upon final acceptance of the material, varying according to the rights purchased and the amount of editing done. Payment is negotiable.


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