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Recently during Easter, I reminded myself of the resurrection story and I came across a scripture that caused me to stop and ponder. It’s a scripture that I had read many times and had not paid much attention to. In fact, I cannot even consciously think of whether I had ever stopped to think about this scripture. The scripture is found in Luke 23:38.

‘And a superscription also was written over Him in letters of Greek, and Latin, and Hebrew, This Is The King Of The Jews’

To fully understand this scripture, let’s consider the three languages mentioned and their relevance will soon become obvious. Why was the inscription written in three languages? I believe there are two major truths that they hold for us.

Latin was the official language of the Roman Empire. It represented human government, power and conquest. The Roman Empire was the epitome of this. Greek was the international language of culture, representing human wisdom, art and commerce. Hebrew was the religious language of the Jews, representing covenant, the rule (laws) and presence of God on the earth – the recognition of God Himself.

The first thing that struck me on reading the scripture is that the known world where the resurrection was taking place, was represented by these three languages. The inscription was not insignificant, it read ‘Jesus, king of the Jews’. Basically, by writing the inscription over Jesus’ head, the invitation was given to all to read what has been written. The principle is still the same today, let the whole world know (in whatever language they will hear) that He is still the king.

But I also believe there is another interesting principle. Let’s consider what each of these languages represented. They represented human wisdom, government, power, conquest, commerce and culture. The inscription, written above His head was essentially saying that Jesus was king over these areas. The inscription represented His dominion over these areas.

Therefore, as we go about our way proclaiming and declaring the kingdom of God, let’s not forget about the King who sits above it all.

I like what Pilate said in John 19:21-22:

‘Then said the chief priests of the Jews to Pilate, Write not, The King of the Jews; but that He said, I am King of the Jews.

Pilate answered, What I have written I have written’.

Indeed, what more can I say. The gospel has spoken. Let’s remember that He is indeed risen and this is not just a resurrection story for Easter but a story of His dominion over every area of life.

So until I appear again in your inbox with more insight from the scriptures, stay blessed



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About the Author: Ola Aroyehun

Ola Aroyehun editor of The Christian Business and Professional Magazine: a magazine dedicated to helping Christians apply biblical principles to their professional lives.

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