Fair or Revenge

These were the words that a Christian heard the Holy Spirit speak in response to what seemed an unjust situation. This person had gone to work in a ‘failing team’ in an organisation, as an interim member of staff. Within a few weeks, she had turned things around and had two awards/glowing testimonies. The dysfunctional team started to work well again. However, it soon became obvious that more staff needed to be employed to get all the work done. A vacancy was advertised and only one person had the right skills and qualifications. However, the successful applicant eventually decided not to take the job.

The job was advertised again – this time it asked for an ‘interim’ person. To attract good candidates, the job was advertised at a higher salary than the Christian was earning. The Christian decided to apply for the job but was advised that the decision had been made to upgrade her, so it was necessary to apply for the job, as the two jobs were the same.

After the appointment of the successful candidate, the Christian approached her manager to ask when the upgrade would be done. She was told that after speaking to HR, they could not upgrade her and she would have to live with it. They felt that the money they were paying her was sufficient. Obviously, being an interim and knowing that her contract could be terminated if she made too much fuss, she kept quiet, but needless to say she was disappointed.

So she took her grievance to God. How was she to continue working when she had been so unfairly treated? Should she do less work? Should she continue as she had been doing, even though the injustice was right in her face? To make matters worse, her manager told her that if she was not happy, although he would be sorry to lose her, she was free to leave.

Then came the words of the Holy Spirit. The way to continue was to judge whether her response to whatever task she was doing was out of fairness or in revenge. This was to be the yardstick. If she was given work that was way above the grade and she refused, that was fair but if she was withholding assistance that could help the company or that could prevent damage to the company, then that was revenge.

This story actually had a happy ending. Her manager’s manager, who heard of the situation and valued the staff member’s work took up the case and ensured that this sister was paid the same amount as the other person.

The sister was vindicated but the most important lesson is not that the sister got the increase, as important as that was, but the fact that she got to partake in the divine nature of God, and money can’t buy that.

So until I appear again in your inbox with more insight from the scriptures and kingdom living, stay blessed



About the Author: Ola Aroyehun

Ola Aroyehun editor of The Christian Business and Professional Magazine: a magazine dedicated to helping Christians apply biblical principles to their professional lives.

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