Do you sometimes have a desire but don’t seem to have enough courage to see it through?

Help is at hand. We have all been there at one time or the other. We have great ideas and plans for our business, our lives or even just to do great things for God. Yet somewhere along the way, it seems as if we don’t have enough courage to see these plans through.  We know that we are not meant to live without God’s assistance but sometimes, in battle to become people of faith, we can sometimes forget this.

God wants to put courage into our desires to fulfil these dreams and desires. The story of Gideon in Judges 7:9-15 illustrates this point beautifully. This story reminds me of how God understands our humanity and as a loving Father, He wants to help us overcome our weakness.

It happened on the same night that the Lord said to him, “Arise, go down against the camp, for I have delivered it into your hand.

In this story God gives Gideon an instruction and assures him of victory. In other words, God has shown him the end result. That should have been enough for Gideon to step out in faith and do what God told him, but God understands that Gideon is still afraid and he needs courage.

10 But if you are afraid to go down, go down to the camp with Purah your servant, 11 and you shall hear what they say; and afterward your hands shall be strengthened to go down against the camp.”

God further encourages Gideon by telling him to go to the enemy’s camp and listen to the voice of victory and I love the scriptures where it states ‘Afterward, you will be encouraged to attack the camp’. In other words, Gideon has been fully equipped with divine assistance to do God’s work.

I believe that God wants to do the same for us i.e. give us courage when we need it, so that we are able to successfully fulfil all the plans He has for us. We are not to struggle unnecessarily because help is at hand. Our desires can come to pass and God is able to provide supernatural assistance to help fulfil that mission. We need to  believe that this assistance is available to us today.

I pray that the Lord fills your heart with courage (through whichever means He chooses) so that like Gideon, you will be able to fulfil God’s will for your life in your generation.

Until I appear again in your inbox with more insight from the scriptures, stay encouraged


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About the Author: Ola Aroyehun

Ola Aroyehun editor of The Christian Business and Professional Magazine: a magazine dedicated to helping Christians apply biblical principles to their professional lives.

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