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What is your kingdom project?

Many, many years ago, as the truth about prosperity was at its peak before it became mainstream, I found myself embracing all that I was hearing. Some of the teaching has held me in good stead. I made proclamations and went on an adventure. I wanted to be successful. But now being slightly older and looking back over those years, whilst I thank God for the revelation at the time, it has left me somewhat […]


What does this worship song really mean to you?

I was amazed at the various ways that God speaks to us. He spoke to me recently through a friend’s prophecy. The Lord had reminded her of His enthronement over a particular situation she was experiencing and the need to start rejoicing. As I pondered over the words, my mind went back to the popular song Jesus I enthrone you. The word enthroned seemed like a strange word and immediately I wanted to know more. […]


The biblical response to crisis

This is the first post of the year and a happy new year to all our subscribers. I trust you have been enjoying the year so far. We have been busy marketing the magazine. I am really excited to write this particular post as there is nothing better than when a piece of truth excites and changes you and more importantly conveys the heart of the Lord. The year 2011 for many, either personally or […]

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