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Maintaining your vision when things get bigger

This week’s post will have particular application for those who have started a business or ministry or are even climbing up through the ranks in a career. From time to time, as things get bigger, you might want to remain ‘close to the ground’ and do all the things that you used to do. You know it’s time to let go but find it difficult and want to remain the visionary. Let’s take an example, […]


2015 is here – enjoy the present

A belated happy new year to you, though the beginning of the year already seems a long time ago. This week’s post is rather short and ‘straight to the point’. 2015 can be called many things but one of the things I would like you to consider is that 2015 is a gift. These words hit me when I logged onto my Facebook account at the beginning of the year. Having heard many sermons and […]


What else do you do with your prophetic word?

If I were to ask you what you should do with the prophetic words that God has given you, you would probably say that you need to pray about them. Indeed 1 Timothy 5:18 encourages us to wage a good war with the word. This is true to a large extent but there are other things that we are encouraged to do with them. That is the focus of this post as today I see […]


The end product of forgiveness

In my last post, I discussed the importance of forgiving and forgetting sin committed against us. I made the case that with divine assurance, whilst we may not be able to forget the ‘sin’ committed against us in some circumstances, God can help us remove the hurt and pain of it. So I really thought this was the end product until I heard another sermon about what forgiveness looks like. This time, we’ll consider the […]


I am struggling to believe this

The subject of today’s post is forgiveness. Every Christian, no matter how long or short they’ve been in the faith will understand the subject of forgiveness. It’s the fundamental basis of our faith – God forgiving us through Christ and we in turn forgiving one another. By and large, we know we have to forgive each other and many of us would not have a particular problem with this. But the concept I am struggling […]


You don’t just anoint people, you anoint things as well

This week’s post is written from the perspective of ‘I didn’t realise that’, after careful consideration of the subject of anointing. When I think of the word anointing, I almost always think about someone being anointed. However, reading through the Old Testament, especially the Pentateuch, you realise that it wasn’t only people that were anointed, objects were anointed as well. Is there a real life principle here? I remember the first days after I’d given […]


Fulfill what has been written (2)

Fulfill what has been written (2)   When I finished the last post, I felt I had to follow it up with another perspective. In this post, I want us to examine our responsibility in the fulfilment of God’s words and promises. For a long period during my Christian journey, I believed in that old saying: ‘God said it, I believe it and that settles it’. I now realise that this is true only to […]


Fulfil what has been written

You know what it’s like. You come across something in the bible that you have read many times before without giving it much thought and then all of a sudden, it becomes a rhema to you and then you see something you haven’t seen before. In this week’s post, I’m looking at the statement “to fulfil what has been written”. This is repeated at least 13 times in the book of Matthew and it is […]


Whom would you send with us?

I think this is one of the most interesting questions asked of God by Moses. To fully appreciate its importance let’s put it in context. Before asking this question, Moses: Practically lived in God’s presence Parted the Red Sea Performed amazing feats before Pharaoh to lead the Israelites out of Egypt Obtained detailed instructions from God on how He wanted to live amongst them – Ten Commandments, the Tabernacle, priestly garments, sacrifices Wrote the first […]


I feel ‘boxed in’

We are all aware of the scripture that states that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes out of God’s mouth – but what happens when that word is ‘delayed’ according to our earthly timetable and we need to make a decision. Over the past 18 months, I have felt ‘boxed in’ by God. I am sure we have all been there before: we pray about a matter and […]

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