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Can anyone find a man like this man?

This week’s post is taken from the brief mention of a prophet known as Micaiah found in 2 Chronicles 18. To set the context, Jehoshaphat, one of the kings of Judah, and Ahab (the king of Israel) wanted to go to war against the king of Syria. As was customary in those days, coupled with the fact that Jehoshaphat was one of those kings who was committed to God, they wanted to seek God’s opinion […]


What else do you do with your prophetic word?

If I were to ask you what you should do with the prophetic words that God has given you, you would probably say that you need to pray about them. Indeed 1 Timothy 5:18 encourages us to wage a good war with the word. This is true to a large extent but there are other things that we are encouraged to do with them. That is the focus of this post as today I see […]

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