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What I learnt from the Olympics (4)

It’s okay to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done Last week, I posted 3 to 4 articles on what I learnt from the Olympics. I hope to post a few more over the next week or so. ‘Great, wasn’t it’ was the opening sentence of the special edition that London’s Financial Times following the end of the Olympics. That sentence pretty much summed up the mood of the nation […]


What I learnt from the Olympics (3)

Strengthening your weak areas Over the past few days, I have been sharing some personal lessons or principles that I learnt from the recently-concluded London Olympics. This is the third in the series and if you haven’t seen any of the previous two articles, they are available on our website. The observation I would like to share with you today is the importance of not only developing your main area of strength, but also developing […]


What I learnt from the Olympics (2)

Are you a spectacular winner?   I have started to share some of the principles and lessons I learnt from the recently-completed London 2012 Olympics. If you missed the first the first lesson, you can read it on our website at So here is the second lesson – people will make more time for you when you are a spectacular  winner. As stated in the first lesson, I spent quite a bit of time […]


What I learnt from the Olympics

As many of you know, we have just finished hosting the 2012 Olympics here in the UK. Like many people, I have been following my favourite and perhaps not so favourite, but new and enjoyable sports. The games lends itself to may principles that could be ap0plied to both business and careers. Many of them have been reported in various media .- themes such as perseverance, hard work, team and partnership building etc etc. I […]

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