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What is your kingdom project?

Many, many years ago, as the truth about prosperity was at its peak before it became mainstream, I found myself embracing all that I was hearing. Some of the teaching has held me in good stead. I made proclamations and went on an adventure. I wanted to be successful. But now being slightly older and looking back over those years, whilst I thank God for the revelation at the time, it has left me somewhat […]


What is more important than the tithe?

What did Jesus say about the tithe?   Almost every Sunday, I hear the word tithe .Many churches preach about regularly bringing our tithe to God. We are encouraged to pay our tithe. Recently, I decided to do some research about what Jesus had to say about the tithe and His words absolutely shocked me.  Jesus was criticizing the Pharisees as hypocrites as they obeyed the letter of the law but bot the spirit of […]


Are you qualified to handle God’s wealth?

This week’s newsletter is a bit different. Its focus is not so much an article that will bless you but a call to action. Let me explain. For the past few years, I have studied many scriptural references to biblical wealth. In addition it is usually mentioned in one form or another on Sunday morning. There is a sense in which I had become over familiar with the subject. After some personal prophetic words last […]

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