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What do you think God will say about you?

We live in a culture and society where we enjoy ‘reality’ shows. We are intrigued as people share their lives with us: their words and actions. In Britain’s Got Talent, for example, each contestant has a story that pulls at our emotions. I, like many people, will have an opinion about each participant mostly based on the ‘story’ that the media has carefully scripted for us to hear. But do you know that God also […]


Do you have you a daily consciousness about this?

I was actually thinking of entitling this post ‘the lost sense of the eternal’, as it more accurately describes what I am trying to share. I recently took stock of much of the teaching I have heard in church over the past few years. A lot has focused on how we live our lives whilst on earth but there has been very little about the impact of how we live our lives for eternity. Prosperity, […]


Would you have started this big?

This week’s post applies primarily to business people but there is an application for everyone. Whilst researching a successful company’s media kit, I came across a magazine that was launched with a circulation of 200,000. As far as I know, circulation, many years later is between200,000 and 250,000 copies per month. The intention was to start large and stay large. That really got me thinking. In business, most of us have been taught to be […]


Need a response from God urgently?

The speeches had been made, the gifts had been presented, everyone had gathered round to say goodbye. I had been working at this organisation and it was time to move on having secured another temporary contract somewhere. As I was gathering my final belongings, there was a call on my mobile. I was being offered an interview for a job in the same organisation I was leaving but in a different department. Much better pay […]


A hard life?

I recently read the story of David in one setting and the one thing that struck me was David’s hard and difficult life. In particular, his relationship with Saul struck me as being particularly difficult. The problems between the two lasted for at least 15 years. David, unfortunately became Saul’s arch enemy as we find in the following scriptures 1 Samuel 18:25  ‘and Saul was still more afraid of David. So Saul became David’s enemy […]

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