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Why did Saul build himself a monument?

Why did Saul build a monument?   The story of how God took the kingdom away from Saul after He had told him to completely destroy the Amalekites and all that they had is quite familiar. Saul had obeyed partially, keeping some of the spoil for himself, much to God’s annoyance. Therefore, on hearing a recent sermon where the preacher narrated this incident, I was intrigued by a perspective I had not seen before. Early […]


What is your kingdom project?

Many, many years ago, as the truth about prosperity was at its peak before it became mainstream, I found myself embracing all that I was hearing. Some of the teaching has held me in good stead. I made proclamations and went on an adventure. I wanted to be successful. But now being slightly older and looking back over those years, whilst I thank God for the revelation at the time, it has left me somewhat […]


What is in your heart to do?

We are a few months into 2016 in what I believe is a great year for the church as we look forward to the glory of God covering the earth as the waters cover the sea. This is the type of post that I would normally write at the beginning of the year but as we come to the end of the first quarter of the year, it is useful to stop and reflect. Many […]


When God gets your attention!

This is a personal story that I believe will bless you. I would like to consider myself a bible scholar and that, with a little bit of time, I could work most things out. But the question I felt God ask me recently had me stumped. The question was: how much time was there between the ascension and the resurrection? Just to give you some context. I had been praying for a manifestation of some […]

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What are you taking to the throne room with you?

Towards the end of last year, I completed a self-evaluation questionnaire on discovering one’s purpose. Once I completed the questionnaire, there was one question that kept coming back to me over and over again. It was ‘what will you take to the throne room with you?’ In fact it was the background against which I wrote the first post of the year ‘2015 is a gift’. Over the past few months, this question has come […]


God looks beyond your mistakes into your destiny but……………

There are many things in the scriptures that make me aware of my humanity and this week’s post focuses on some of these. It amazes me how God speaks into our destiny though He knows we make mistakes, but there is a role that we need to play. Jesus knew that Peter was going to deny Him three times and even told Peter so (Matthew 26:34, 69-75). Even after Peter disowned Jesus, Jesus still came […]


What else do you do with your prophetic word?

If I were to ask you what you should do with the prophetic words that God has given you, you would probably say that you need to pray about them. Indeed 1 Timothy 5:18 encourages us to wage a good war with the word. This is true to a large extent but there are other things that we are encouraged to do with them. That is the focus of this post as today I see […]


The need for directional prophecy

This week’s post is written from a personal perspective and is a follow-on from the last post. In this post I share an experience that challenged my belief which in turn led me to the scriptures and changed my viewpoint. Without going into any more detail, I was confronted with a situation that could have resulted in a life-long impact and burden to me. I was looking at years of counselling without any assurance that […]


Fair or Revenge

These were the words that a Christian heard the Holy Spirit speak in response to what seemed an unjust situation. This person had gone to work in a ‘failing team’ in an organisation, as an interim member of staff. Within a few weeks, she had turned things around and had two awards/glowing testimonies. The dysfunctional team started to work well again. However, it soon became obvious that more staff needed to be employed to get […]

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What have you got on your mind?

I was tempted to skip this post and bring you something else but every time I tried to bypass this message, I felt that some of my readers needed to hear this. If this is for you, enjoy. So back to today’s question, ‘what have you got on your mind? I guess the real question is what long-term dream do you have in mind? Let’s consider the scriptures. “And his brothers envied him, but his […]

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