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I hope you don’t make this excuse either.

This newsletter is a confession of sorts, which I hope will bless you. It refers to one of those occasions God put His hand deep into my heart. So the confession. Normally, whenever someone comes to help to talk through a problem or needs help on one issue or the other, I have a default statement along the lines of ‘I am not God’. Of course that statement by itself is true but it had […]


Can anyone find a man like this man?

This week’s post is taken from the brief mention of a prophet known as Micaiah found in 2 Chronicles 18. To set the context, Jehoshaphat, one of the kings of Judah, and Ahab (the king of Israel) wanted to go to war against the king of Syria. As was customary in those days, coupled with the fact that Jehoshaphat was one of those kings who was committed to God, they wanted to seek God’s opinion […]

God // God // Life

What are you taking to the throne room with you?

Towards the end of last year, I completed a self-evaluation questionnaire on discovering one’s purpose. Once I completed the questionnaire, there was one question that kept coming back to me over and over again. It was ‘what will you take to the throne room with you?’ In fact it was the background against which I wrote the first post of the year ‘2015 is a gift’. Over the past few months, this question has come […]


A regular practice?

You have read the same book or seen the same video many times. You know what’s coming next. Yet, when you get to that familiar part of the plot, you are still fascinated by the truth it portrays. This is the way to describe this week’s post and no doubt I must have written a few posts on this topic in the past. This week’s truth is found in Joshua 9. The book of Joshua […]


This is the level I want to get to with God

It seems like a lot of us would like to have what I call the ‘come up higher’ experience – the word coined from God’s instruction to John in Revelation 4:1. This is a place of deep longing of the heart where we know there is so much more to God and we want to experience it. One of the ways we can measure whether we have this type of experience is when God, as […]


The need for directional prophecy

This week’s post is written from a personal perspective and is a follow-on from the last post. In this post I share an experience that challenged my belief which in turn led me to the scriptures and changed my viewpoint. Without going into any more detail, I was confronted with a situation that could have resulted in a life-long impact and burden to me. I was looking at years of counselling without any assurance that […]


Did Joseph forgive Potiphar’s wife?

Joseph was well known for forgiving his brothers. They were probably the main ‘transgressors’ in his life but we know that there were other people who had also sinned against Joseph. For a start, there was Potiphar’s wife and of course the butler who’d left him in prison and got on with his life. Talk about helping someone only for them to forget about you! The focus of this article is Potiphar’s wife and let’s […]


Could this be the missing link?

Over the past few years, there has been much emphasis on the subject of healing, however, miracles, such as those performed by Elijah and others, is another subject. In church, we have been exploring the subject of miracles. In Matthew 28, we are commanded to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons etc. We discovered quite quickly that we fail to fulfil these commands and then wondered what we should do to make […]


Do you have you a daily consciousness about this?

I was actually thinking of entitling this post ‘the lost sense of the eternal’, as it more accurately describes what I am trying to share. I recently took stock of much of the teaching I have heard in church over the past few years. A lot has focused on how we live our lives whilst on earth but there has been very little about the impact of how we live our lives for eternity. Prosperity, […]


Lord, restore to me my glory (2)

In the last post, I started to discuss the glory that we have been clothed with and by the end of the post, there were perhaps more questions that the article raised. I will not attempt to prove that I have the answers because I don’t and like most of you, I am on a journey with this. But before I get into today’s post, just a word of caution. The fact that we don’t […]

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