Whom would you send with us?

I think this is one of the most interesting questions asked of God by Moses. To fully appreciate its importance let’s put it in context. Before asking this question, Moses: Practically lived in God’s presence Parted the Red Sea Performed amazing feats before Pharaoh to lead the Israelites out of Egypt Obtained detailed instructions from God on how He wanted to live amongst them – Ten Commandments, the Tabernacle, priestly garments, sacrifices Wrote the first […]


I feel ‘boxed in’

We are all aware of the scripture that states that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes out of God’s mouth – but what happens when that word is ‘delayed’ according to our earthly timetable and we need to make a decision. Over the past 18 months, I have felt ‘boxed in’ by God. I am sure we have all been there before: we pray about a matter and […]


Checks and balances on giving

This week’s post is a little bit unusual for me. I rarely react to what other people write or say and most times should there be a need for correction, I do it privately. However, I feel this subject needs to be discussed and revisited in the light of scripture and it is a situation that we all go through from time to time. This week’s post is on the subject of giving and a recent […]


This is not necessarily the case

Following on from my last post, I also want to address something else I have heard about the prophetic. I am sure we have all heard something along the lines of – ‘ the words of prophecy will only confirm what God has already spoken to you’. I believe that there are times that prophecy will confirm something you already know (such as when it was in David’s heart to build God a temple) but […]


The need for directional prophecy

This week’s post is written from a personal perspective and is a follow-on from the last post. In this post I share an experience that challenged my belief which in turn led me to the scriptures and changed my viewpoint. Without going into any more detail, I was confronted with a situation that could have resulted in a life-long impact and burden to me. I was looking at years of counselling without any assurance that […]


An unusual testimony

A lady got up in church recently and gave a testimony that I considered unusual. She told us how she had gone (and was still going) through a tough time. Her testimony was not how God delivered her from the situation (which eventually He did) but how God gave her peace during that period. It was one of those testimonies that was lost on me at the time until I experienced something similar. Recently I […]


Fair or Revenge

These were the words that a Christian heard the Holy Spirit speak in response to what seemed an unjust situation. This person had gone to work in a ‘failing team’ in an organisation, as an interim member of staff. Within a few weeks, she had turned things around and had two awards/glowing testimonies. The dysfunctional team started to work well again. However, it soon became obvious that more staff needed to be employed to get […]


Did Joseph forgive Potiphar’s wife?

Joseph was well known for forgiving his brothers. They were probably the main ‘transgressors’ in his life but we know that there were other people who had also sinned against Joseph. For a start, there was Potiphar’s wife and of course the butler who’d left him in prison and got on with his life. Talk about helping someone only for them to forget about you! The focus of this article is Potiphar’s wife and let’s […]

Big // God // Life

What have you got on your mind?

I was tempted to skip this post and bring you something else but every time I tried to bypass this message, I felt that some of my readers needed to hear this. If this is for you, enjoy. So back to today’s question, ‘what have you got on your mind? I guess the real question is what long-term dream do you have in mind? Let’s consider the scriptures. “And his brothers envied him, but his […]


Only do not take my son back there

Most people will be familiar with where in the scriptures the above verse is found. These were the words that Abraham spoke to Eliezer, his trusted servant, after the death of Sarah. Not wanting intermarriage with the Canaanites, Abraham sent his servant back to his family to look for a wife for his son. He knew that the Canaanites were degenerating into wickedness and didn’t want his son to marry from amongst them, lest they […]

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