Fasting is more than abstaining from food

Checking our character. When we think of fasting, we traditionally think of abstaining from food and that is a major part of it. Fasting is about setting aside time to seek God’s face and aids our prayers, as evidenced by Daniel in the bible. Some people set aside time to pray regularly whilst others do it periodically. Fasting is both encouraged and expected. Jesus said in Matthew 16:16-18 ‘when you fast’ – implying there is […]


Two or three witnesses?

Two or three witnesses?   Sometimes, people come along and say, I need you to agree with me and then go on to narrate a situation where God’s word is required. Being put on the spot to agree can sometimes be awkward, especially when you don’t agree with what is requested, but that is a discussion for another day. The scripture that is commonly used to justify this is: Again, truly I tell you that […]


Let the whole world hear!

Recently during Easter, I reminded myself of the resurrection story and I came across a scripture that caused me to stop and ponder. It’s a scripture that I had read many times and had not paid much attention to. In fact, I cannot even consciously think of whether I had ever stopped to think about this scripture. The scripture is found in Luke 23:38. ‘And a superscription also was written over Him in letters of […]


What is in your heart to do?

We are a few months into 2016 in what I believe is a great year for the church as we look forward to the glory of God covering the earth as the waters cover the sea. This is the type of post that I would normally write at the beginning of the year but as we come to the end of the first quarter of the year, it is useful to stop and reflect. Many […]


What is more important than the tithe?

What did Jesus say about the tithe?   Almost every Sunday, I hear the word tithe .Many churches preach about regularly bringing our tithe to God. We are encouraged to pay our tithe. Recently, I decided to do some research about what Jesus had to say about the tithe and His words absolutely shocked me.  Jesus was criticizing the Pharisees as hypocrites as they obeyed the letter of the law but bot the spirit of […]


When God gets your attention!

This is a personal story that I believe will bless you. I would like to consider myself a bible scholar and that, with a little bit of time, I could work most things out. But the question I felt God ask me recently had me stumped. The question was: how much time was there between the ascension and the resurrection? Just to give you some context. I had been praying for a manifestation of some […]


It’s one thing to have faith, it’s another thing to have courage

Many people confuse courage and fear. A lot of us have faith but somehow, our circumstances have not changed. This article perhaps will provide insight into a possible reason. The story of General Barak in the book of Judges serves to illustrate this lesson. General Barak is one of the generals of the army of Israel that Deborah, the judge, had called upon to go and fight their enemies. To appreciate the story, we need […]


The same formula does not always apply to the same situation

There is a popular saying that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. It means that when someone has done something once and there is a proven technique for the process, under the same conditions you simply need to apply the same formula and you should get the same result. But that’s not quite right when it comes to biblical things. As Christians, we need to know the right strategy to use for every situation, […]


You need peace to fulfil a vision

Like many people, I understand and pray for peace during times of crisis or upheaval or when I particularly need it. I understand the importance of peace but in this article I would like to share the importance of building our careers and businesses in the context of peace. Let me explain. King David had it in his heart to build a house for God. Because he had been a man of blood, God declined […]


Can anyone find a man like this man?

This week’s post is taken from the brief mention of a prophet known as Micaiah found in 2 Chronicles 18. To set the context, Jehoshaphat, one of the kings of Judah, and Ahab (the king of Israel) wanted to go to war against the king of Syria. As was customary in those days, coupled with the fact that Jehoshaphat was one of those kings who was committed to God, they wanted to seek God’s opinion […]

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