I hope you don’t make this excuse either.

This newsletter is a confession of sorts, which I hope will bless you. It refers to one of those occasions God put His hand deep into my heart. So the confession. Normally, whenever someone comes to help to talk through a problem or needs help on one issue or the other, I have a default statement along the lines of ‘I am not God’. Of course that statement by itself is true but it had […]


He will write His law upon your heart

Almost every Christian knows they have to read the scriptures. Some of course read them more regularly than others, others dip into them as and when they need guidance etc, but regardless of our attitude to the scriptures, there is a general consensus that the bible is the rule book for the Christian, thus we have a responsibility to read it. The importance of the scriptures in the life of a Christian is articulated in […]


God’s timing or the enemy’s delay

I was speaking to a friend recently who had come into a new season in her life. By human standards, one would have said that she was entering this season late in her life. After all, we are all used to societal norms. There are norms on when to marry, have children, have that first job, build business or be in a certain stage of one’s career. It does not help in some societies where […]


The honour of God’s authority

The honour of God’s authority I wish I could lay claim to this being one of my insights from the scriptures but I can’t. Nevertheless, this truth will build you up, as I have attempted to expand a bit more on the principle discussed in this article. This is a story about David’s attitude when he heard of Saul’s death Then David and all the men with him took hold of their clothes and tore […]

Big // God // Sin

Why did Saul build himself a monument?

Why did Saul build a monument?   The story of how God took the kingdom away from Saul after He had told him to completely destroy the Amalekites and all that they had is quite familiar. Saul had obeyed partially, keeping some of the spoil for himself, much to God’s annoyance. Therefore, on hearing a recent sermon where the preacher narrated this incident, I was intrigued by a perspective I had not seen before. Early […]


Another way God communicates

The beauty of God’s deep sleep   Today’s post is a direct result of what I call a curious thought. As my mind dwelt on the thought, I began to pay more attention and before I knew it, I was doing a detailed bible study on the topic. Today’s topic may seem strange – it’s Deep Sleep. Sometimes when we think of sleep in a biblical context, we think of spiritual apathy, being unprepared, sleep […]


Have you got the doctrine to match your experience?

  Like many people, I have read Acts 1 and 2 many times and I can almost recite the story of the early church from memory, but recently my mind was drawn to Peter’s leadership and words during this period. Just to recap, this story takes place against the backdrop of Jesus’ resurrection and ascension 40 days earlier. The whole city had been turned upside down with the sequence of events. When Jesus died, the […]


Can God use you as an example?

This week’s post is a simple challenge – can God use your life and obedience as an example? The story is best ‘caught’ by letting the scriptures speak for themselves. The word which came unto Jeremiah from the Lord in the days of Jehoiakim the son of Josiah king of Judah, saying, Go unto the house of the Rechabites, and speak unto them, and bring them into the house of the Lord, into one of […]


What is your kingdom project?

Many, many years ago, as the truth about prosperity was at its peak before it became mainstream, I found myself embracing all that I was hearing. Some of the teaching has held me in good stead. I made proclamations and went on an adventure. I wanted to be successful. But now being slightly older and looking back over those years, whilst I thank God for the revelation at the time, it has left me somewhat […]


Expecting God to do more in your life?

Then what have you done with what He has deposited in you? This truth hit me as I was reading a book, the focus of which was the work of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life. As I was reading, I realised a well-known spiritual principle that I had not considered in the context of gifts of the Holy Spirit. Jesus taught us a parable about talents and their use in Matthew 25. This […]

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